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Working at MY you are always growing. ‘‘We grow success’’ is something MY strives to live up to for their staff and students. MY offers multiple opportunities for staff members to develop their skills though professional development and to provide the best education to their students.
Staff members attend multiple training sessions in a year and are encouraged to attend seminars and conferences. This gives our staff the opportunity to always learn new skills and share them with other staff members. They are also able to expand their personal and professional connections giving even more opportunities to grow both inside and outside their working environments.
Staff also have the opportunity to join a variety of teams to cultivate their passion for education. From developing curriculums to leadership roles, MY proudly supports staff collaborations with like-minded individuals.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss ―

【翻訳】MYで働くことは常に成長することを意味し、"We grow success"は、MYがスタッフと生徒のために心がけていることです。 MYでは、スタッフが専門的な知識を身につけ、生徒たちに最高の教育を提供できるよう、さまざまな機会を提供しています。
スタッフは年間を通して様々なトレーニングへの参加と、セミナーや 会議への出席を奨励されています。これにより、スタッフは常に新しいスキルを学び、それを他のメンバーと共有する機会を得ることができます。また、個人的にも仕事の上でも人脈を広げることができ、職場の内外で成長する機会が多く得られます。


― スース博士 ―

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